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Palm Desert Stage Company started with just a dream and YOU made us real…

We believe the desert deserves  quality theatrical entertainment at an affordable ticket price. We believe the audience must get what they pay for... Our vision is to provide a creative and professional theatre destination that highlights the talented performers, directors, technicians, and writers that call the Coachella Valley home.


Thank You Theatre Lovers!


"Is He Dead?"-  7 DTL Nominations- WINNER "BEST COMEDY" and "BEST ACTOR" (Lou Galvan)

Outstanding Production (Comedy), Director Tres Dean, Lead Actor- Steven Lyon,

Lead Actor-Lou Galvan,Supporting Actor- Colleen Kelley, Peter Nicholson, Garnett Smith,

Stan Jenson


"Bingo-The Winning Musical"- 3 Desert Theatre League Nominations

Director (Musical) Lou Galvan, Outstanding Light Design-Kelly Peak, Outstanding Choreographer-Stacy Casaluci


"I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change"​ - 4 Desert Theatre League Nominations

Outstanding Production Musical Revue, Best Director-Jeanette Knight, Supporting Actor- Raul Valenzuela,

Lead Actor-Colleen Kelley


"It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play"- 7 Desert Theatre League Nominations, WINNER OF 4 AWARDS!

Overall Production (WINNER) , Best Director-Colleen Kelley (WINNER),Lead Actor-Doug Smith, Lead Actor-Ron Young (WINNER) Lead Actress-Ashley Hernandez, Supporting Actor-Dan Graff, Supporting Actor- Stan Jenson(WINNER)


"A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum" - 9 Desert Theatre League Nominations
Overall Production-Musical, Director-Musical - Mike Hadley, Musical Director-Evan Knapp,Choreographer- Evan Knapp,
Lead Actor- Mark Almy, Supporting Actor-Peter Mins,Supporting Actor-Raul Valenzuela, Outstanding Costume Design
-Peter Mins

Outstanding Sound Design-Mike Hadley


"Lend Me A Tenor - 8 Desert Theatre League Nominations, WINNER of 1 AWARD!

Overall Production- Comedy,  Best Director- Eric Olson, Lead Actor-Eric Olson, Lead Actor- Peter Mins, Supporting Actor-George Almond, Supporting Actor-Raul Valenzuela, Supporting Actress-Colleen Kelley (WINNER), Supporting Actress-Louise Ross

Raul Valenzuela as

The Bellhop in

"Lend Me A Tenor"


"Congratulations to the Cast & Crew of "Lend Me a Tenor"! We just saw the Sunday matinee, it is hilarious! The actors are great we laughed throughout the entire show. The costumes are amazing and the set is fabulous with doors slamming and never a shaking wall it was a pleasure to watch. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW. Treat yourself to an afternoon or evening of fun.Only 3 performances left."

Pamla Vale Abramson



Steven Lyon as Millet /Daisy Tillou and Stan Jenson as Charlie in "Is He Dead?"


"The production is blessed with a cast of eleven talented comedy veterans who understand what to do when they find themselves onstage in a hilarious farce/romp.  The splendid ensemble cast includes: Steve Lyon, Garnett Smith, Lou Galvan, Charles William Gaines, Louise Ross, Bonnie Grace, Jennifer Bennet, Peter Nicholson, Peter Mins, Stan Jenson, and theatre founder and producer Colleen Kelley. There isn’t a weak link in this company of players, and they are the reason that makes this production so


it would be hard not to recognize the efforts of Steve Lyon in the duel roles of Jean Francois Millet and that of Daisy Tillou, his “twin sister”.  His constant transitions between the two characters, is a work of energy-charged comedic art."

Jack Lyons

Desert Local News


Nikki Hock as Philia  and Luke Rainey as Hero in "A Funny Thing...."


"Forum Cast: I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for providing a wonderful evening of Theatrical entertainment. :Forum was a lot of fun: Thanks for a great evening......A continued great run.--- "

Mary Ella Wright


"My wife and I wish to express our appreciation for the fine performance yesterday afternoon at the Joslyn. Your whole cast was outstanding, but the actor playing Hysterium was peerless! Can't imagine a better performance of that part. We have long missed Ron Celona's Joslyn Players and hope to see more shows from you at the Joslyn in the future".

Robert Saunders


"WE SAW THIS ON FRIDAY AND LOVED IT: a most energetic and hilarious production by a new theatre company. A lot of fun, terrific acting, a goodnight of local theatre." Highly recommended by Grace & Norman Mark.

Kitty Garascia as Minnie and Doug Smith as Sam in "Bingo-The Winning Musical"


"I just wanted to let you know how much my wife and I enjoyed the show last night. We make it a point to come to all of your productions because we have never been dissapointed. They are always great. We would rather come and see you than go to the McCallum. Congrats on another job well done."     

Adolph Maruszewski


"Loved your play "Bingo", What a fun evening and touching too. You are all terrific."

Valerie Vinar


"My husband, his parents and I really enjoyed your show this past Saturday. They are from England and could not stop laughing."

Diana Champion


"A fun show!"

Elizabeth Kessler Gore


"The show was great tonight!!!"

Kathy Jo Hoy


"Had a great time last night! Blown away by our awesome local talent!!!"

Wendy Butte


"I had a great evening watching Bingo! The cast are so talented and they pleased all the audience. Full of fun!"

Rosanne Hopkins

Colleen Kelley and Matthew Shaker in "I Love You ,You're Perfect Now Change"


"The production was great! All of the actors were PERFECT in their role(s). What a great job all of you kids did! Thank you for a splendid performance and a fun time for the rest of us!-"

Kathleen Spizman


"For those of you who may think that a performance held at a senior center would be for or by seniors, you have another think coming. This performance of "I love you, your perfect, now change" is for everyone. It's a Broadway Production in little theatre form. I haven't laughed hysterically in a long time. You bet I enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next production!"

Shawnee Kostal